General Info

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    The bus is F7 and will stop corner of Kayes Road and Beatty Road at 7.40 am, 12 Montgomery Ave at 7.42am  & 98 Victoria Street at 7.43 am. The bus follows reverse route home and will leave school at 2.50 pm. Bus payments MUST be made before your child can use this service. Automatic payments are an easy option - Please enquire at the office.





    Mauku school is a Sun Smart School and all the children are required to wear a uniform hat in Terms 1 and 4.




    Mauku School is a Health Promoting School. The Junior School studets will have a "Brain Food" snack of fruit at the mid morning fitness break.

    We would like Parents to make sure students are given at least one piece of fruit a day. We allow only water bottles during class time.

    All other lunch wrappers will be returned home in the child's lunchbox.

    Bought lunch is available on Mondays only from Danny's Kiwi Bakery in Patumahoe.




    ALL students are required to wear our school uniform -  school polo shirt and sweatshirt.  Dark bottoms (black or dark coloured shorts, skirts etc).  Uniforms are sold at school only, on a Thursday 8:30 - 9:00 and 2.30 - 3:00.




Board Of Trustees

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    Role of the Board



    Mauku School Board of Trustees is elected to look after the interests of our school, and ensure the best education for our children. We are not involved in the ordinary day to day running of the school. This is looked after by the Principal and teachers. The Board is concerned with policies and financial management, and maintaining the school environment (buildings and amenities).


    Board of Trustees


    Sam Colquhoun (Chairperson)

    Kevin O'Callaghan

    Damian O'Connor

    Andrew Gooley

    Sally Warrender


    Principal  -  Angela Smith

    Staff Rep -  James Christie


    All the Parents are welcome to attend Board Of Trustees meetings.



Our Staff

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    Staff - 2017


    Room 4: James Christie - Years 5/6


    Room 3: Olivia Willett - Years 4/5


    Te Ngahere Block: Saskia O'Gorman & Maiya Brook  Years 2/3


    Room 2: Tania Alexander Years 1/2


    Room 1: Barbara Bellingham - Years 0/1


    Release Teachers: Judi Wilson & Paula House


    Teacher Aides: Denise Darby, Leanne McMurtrie , Chantelle O'Callaghan and Deborah Stuart


    Reading Recovery:  Kay Carter and Tania Alexander


    Music:  Karen McKerras


    Principal- Angela Smith





    Office Manager: Janine Taylor


    (Office hrs 8.00 - 5.00 Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)




PTA News

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    Donations and ideas are sought by the PTA, as they are involved in raising funds for the school.  Funds raised benefit the school and pupils in different ways, ranging from helping with camp costs, classroom and playground items, and bus costs to various activities.


School Hours

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    8.45 am - 2.45 pm


    10.10 - 10.40 am morning tea break


    12.45 pm - 1.30 pm lunch break


    Regular school attendance is important for learning. We would appreciate parents telephoning or texting the office (2363654 / 021 123 0481) about absences before 8.45 am.


    Students are to be dropped at school after 8.15 am please.


     8.30am children allowed in classrooms and teachers available to meet and greet.


    A clearance bell will ring at 3.00pm at which time ALL students must be off the school grounds.